Youth Entrepreneurship Awareness and Support


The Entrepreneurship Awareness Project aims to develop entrepreneurial culture among First Nations youth in order to encourage the creation of new businesses, both in communities and urban areas.  More specifically, the FNQLEDC offers entrepreneurship awareness workshops to youth, as well as support for First Nations youth aged 15 to 35 at every stage of business startup.

The FNQLEDC offers services specifically tailored to First Nations youth since October 2014. So far, over 500 First Nations youth from over 20 different communities participated in entrepreneurship awareness workshops. More than 35 young entrepreneurs have benefited from the FNQLEDC’s support in starting their businesses and eight new businesses have been created.

Services offered to First Nations youth aged 15 – 35*:

* All services are offered free of charge, both in communities and urban areas, in French and English.

Let yourself be inspired by entrepreneurs from our communities!

First Nations Youth Model Entrepreneurs Posters

First Nations Youth Models Profile Cards

Articles from the Youth Entrepreneurship Column of Nikan Bulletin

For more information, please communicate with our Youth Entrepreneurship Advisor:

Myriam Vallières
Youth Entrepreneurship Advisor
Phone: 418 843-1488, ext. 1226


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